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The Project PAMINA

(Performance Assessment Methodologies in Application to Guide the Development of the Safety Case)

The Integrated Project PAMINA was part of the 6th framework programme of the European Commission and brought together 27 organisations from ten European countries and one EC Joint Research Centre in order to improve and harmonise methodologies and tools for demonstrating the safety of deep geological disposal of long-lived radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel in different geological environments. The project ended September 2009.
The results may be exploited by different stakeholders such as national waste management organisations, regulators and the public at large.

Project Results

The results of the research project are presented in various PAMINA deliverable and milestone reports which can be downloaded from the reports section.

In total there were some 160 Milestones and 32 Deliverables in PAMINA. In general, the deliverables cover the material in the milestone reports; however, some of the milestone reports have been made available to the public where they are self-standing and contain work of wider interest that is not presented in sufficient detail in a deliverable. All of the deliverables and 22 of the Milestone Reports are available for download from this internet site.


Report section

The PAMINA Summary Report

introduces the topic of PA and the concept of the safety case a for a geological disposal facility, and summarises the current status of repository development programmes in PAMINA participant countries.
provides an overview of the project structure and content, indicating what work was performed in the various RTDCs and identifying the publicly available milestone reports and deliverables that were produced.
contains an overview of the results of the project and summarises selected important conclusions.
discusses regulatory decision making and the results of work that concern regulation and regulatory review of PA and the safety case.
provides an overview of the methods employed to disseminate the results of the project.
includes four appendices containing summary text from each of the publicly available deliverables and milestone reports. Hypertext links are provided from the main report to the individual summaries.


Summary Report


The PAMINA Summary report may guide you through the large amount of information achieved within the PAMINA project. It should be taken to get an overview of the PAMINA project and as starting point to to find additional information. The report can be downloaded here [1.630 KB] .