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Final Annual PAMINA Workshop

The Final Annual PAMINA Workshop
took place September, 28.-30. 2009 in Hohenkammer, Germany

The Workshop presented the multiplicity of results of the PAMINA project to the scientific community and other interested audiences. It was organised in 7 thematic sessions according to the main working fields within PAMINA (Flyer [4.211 KB] ).

The presentations for the 7 sessions can be downloaded by clicking on the headlines from the programme below:

Open and Closing Session [2.782 KB]
includes the following presentations:
The PAMINA project (Jörg Mönig)
Synthesis (Jörg Mönig)
PAMINA and Beyond (Klaus Röhlig)

Session I: Safety case approach [800 KB]
includes the following presentations:
Overview of the state of the art review (Miguel Cuñado)
Safety strategy – Review (Manuel Capouet)
Safety functions – Review (Jan Marivoet )

Session II: Evolution of the disposal system [2.194 KB]
includes the following presentations:
Analysis of the evolution of the disposal system – Review (Frédéric Plas)
Definition and assessment of scenarios – Review and new developments (Thomas Beuth)
Biosphere – Review (Gregory Mathieu)
Human Intrusion – Review (Thomas Beuth)

Session III: Modelling strategy [13.938 KB]
includes the following presentations:
Modelling strategy – Review (José-Luis Cormenzana)
Criteria for input and data selection – Review (José-Luis Cormenzana)
Near field processes in salt (André Rübel)
Reactive transport vs. Kd-approach (Isabelle Munier)
Gas generation and transport (Matthew Wellstead)
Gas migration in argillaceous rock due to pathway dilation - code development and application (Martin Navarro)
Spatial variability (Klaus Röhlig)
Upscaling (Javier Rodrigo-Ilarri)
Upscaling of source term modelling (Olivier Gipouloux )
Effects of dimensionality on flow and transport calculations (André Rübel)

Session IV: Safety and performance indicators [1.684 KB]
includes the following presentations:
Safety and performance indicators – Review (Jens Wolf)
Case studies for salt, clay and granite as host rock (Thomas Schröder)

Session V: Treatment of uncertainties [3.042 KB]
includes the following presentations:
Uncertainty management and uncertainty analysis – Review (Miguel Cuñado)
Approaches to System PA (Daniel Galson)
Model uncertainty (Clifford Hanson)
Scenario uncertainty - Overview (Roger Wilmot)
Expert elicitation (Jacques Grupa)

Session VI: Probabilistic safety assessment [25.390 KB]
includes the following presentations:
Derivation of PDFs (Dirk-Alexander Becker)
Expert elicitation techniques and case study (Ricardo Bolado Lavin)
Sensitivity analysis – Review (Sabine Spießl)
Sensitivity analysis – Benchmark studies (Elmar Plischke)
Sensitivity analysis – Case studies (Dirk-Alexander Becker)
Uncertainty and Sensitivity analysis applied to a 3D test-case in French PA context: methodology, results and lessons (Denis Perraud)
Development of a new PSA tool – Sharing experience (Jürg Schneider)
Pilot study on PSA (Gerhard Mayer)
Complementary PSA calculations (José-Luis Cormenzana)
Regulatory situation (Klaus Röhlig)

Session VII: Communication of uncertainty [6.567 KB]
includes the following presentations:
Experience of communicating to lay audiences (Lucy Bailey)
Recommendations for communicating about uncertainties to PA community (Ricardo Bolado Lavin)
Experience of communication from a range of EC projects (Pamina, Argona, CIP) (Daniel Galson)


Participants of the Final PAMINA Workshop

PAMINA Training Course

The PAMINA Taining Course
was held September, 24.-26. 2009 in Garching near Munich, Germany

The training course was organised by GRS. The main objective of the training course was to familiarise the participants with performance assessment methodologies and the foundations of safety case development.
The target audience were professionals and scientists entering the field of performance assessment and safety case development (Flyer [1.350 KB] )


Second Annual PAMINA Workshop

The Second Annual PAMINA Workshop
was held in Hyères, France
September, 29. until October, 01. 2008
Announcement and Programme [202 KB]


Participants of the Second PAMINA Annual Workshop

First Annual PAMINA Workshop

The First Annual PAMINA Workshop
was held at the Mövenpick Hotel Prague, Czech Republic
September, 26.- 28. 2007.


Kick-Off Meeting

The Kick-Off Meeting
was held October, 12.-13. 2006 in Brussels, Belgium

The Kick-Off meeting of PAMINA took place at the Hotel Carrefour de l’ Europe in Brussels at then 12.10.2006 - 13.10.2006 with participation of the European Commission.


Participants of the PAMINA Kick-Off Meeting